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Central Kansas Prison Ministry

About Us

Bringing the Gospel of Christ Inside Prison Walls

Central Kansas Prison Ministry is an organization for the purpose of training Christian volunteers to work in Kansas Correctional Facilities and County Jails.

Where We Volunteer

Our Prison Ministries

El Dorado Correctional Facility

Winfield Correctional Facility

Hutchinson Correctional Facility

Our Mission

Bringing the Gospel of Christ Inside Prison Walls

Ministry program

To establish, develop and implement a ministry to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ within various correctional institutions and detention facilities.

Assist KDOC

Assist the Kansas Department of Corrections in purchasing necessary equipment and/or construction of necessary facilities for the purpose of conducting classroom settings, worship services, and religious studies.

Our Ministry Goal

In the Bible, Matthew 25 gives a mandate for Believers to "go into prison." But the "how to" varies from State to State. It is our responsibility to train, equip and place Christian volunteers from various denominations in prison work.

Volunteer With Us

Spread The Gospel Of Christ Inside Prison Walls

Central Kansas Prison Ministry is looking for Christian volunteers that will help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in places where it is desperately needed. We are looking for volunteers that can assist in El Dorado, Winfield, and/or Hutchinson Correctional Facilities.

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